Free Parking

616 free parking spaces

The Supernova Mercator Nova Gorica Shopping Center is located at the intersection of two European cultures and at the crossroads of important transport routes. Prvomajska 35 Street is becoming a new city center.

You can park in front of the mall at 616 free parking spaces, of which 258 are covered.

Welcome to Supernova!

Baby Room - Space for you and your Baby

Family friendly center

Shopping can be a very challenging task if we are accompanied by young children or babies.

That is why we have prepared a detached dressing area for you to change clothes or feed your baby in peace.

The changing room is located next to the restrooms near the main entrance.

A parent-friendly center for children!

Gift cards

You can use the Supernova Gift Card at Supernova Mercator Nova Gorica.

You can use Supernova Gift Card in Supernova Mercator Nova Gorica. Visit our Shopping Center and check out our stores.

Don't have a Supernova Gift Card yet? Order yours and delight your loved ones. Choose a motif you like, fill the card with any amount up to € 300 and brighten up the holidays with the Supernova Gift Card. The cards are valid for 4 years from the date of purchase and can be used in more than 700 branches at Supernova Shopping Centers.

Read all about it here.

Don't waste time choosing gifts, opt for Supernova Gift Card!


Make a quick and easy purcashe and buy the Supernova Gift Card at the Giftmachine. You will receive the perfect gift that makes your wishes come true in just 4 easy steps!

- Select the SUPER motif
- Fill the card with any amount between 10 and 300 € (rounded to 10 €)
- Pay with a credit card
- Get the Supernova Gift Card immediately

Don’t waste more hours choosing a gift. Pick up the Supernova Gift Card in a SUPER envelope to cheer up your loved ones in just one day with help of the Giftmachine.

Supernova gift cards are always the right choice!

Public transport

Let yourself be driven to the new city center

A convenient city location will take you to your point of purchase with public bus and train infrastructure.

Buses No. 2, KP-PI take you to the Supernova.

Welcome to an urban shopping stroll!


Wallet friendly

On a shopping stroll through the Supernova Mercator Nova Gorica Shopping Center you can also find ATM Bank Intesa Sanpaolo.
Fast banking services, financial check-ups and cash withdrawals at the ATM at Supernova's main entrance.


Always connected

Supernova Mercator Nova Gorica offers you the opportunity to use a free internet connection. Take a look at Supernova's website, check for current discounts, specials and new offers.

Free shopping tips always at your fingertips!

Postal services


The mall offers a mix of different shops, services or socializing. Among other things, you can also send classic shipments at Supernova.

The Post Office Slovenia mailbox is located at Supernova Mercator Nova Gorica Shopping Center.